It is the duty of the Commissioner of the Revenue's office to assess real estate, personal property, business and miscellaneous taxes and to assist in the preparation of Virginia individual income tax returns.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Pulaski County Commissioner of the Revenue Office is offering free state tax preparation again this year for the community. All you need to do, is to bring in your already prepared Federal Tax Return to our office and we will prepare your Virginia State tax for no charge. We will also file your return directly into the tax department's system so that will make for a very fast refund for the taxpayers. The tax department once again is requiring that filers either have direct deposit to their checking or savings account or receive a debit card. No paper checks will be issued again this year unless you are a first time filer or have a debt set off filed against you. We are seeing a turn around time of about 5 days unless someone has a filed a debt set off against your account as to where you will not receive your full refund.

There have been rumors that we are charging to prepare state taxes this year and that we are also not filing out returns this year due to problems we had last year. We did not encounter any problems last year with the preparation of the taxes, only with the debit cards that the State issued instead of a paper check. People were having difficulty using their debit cards and were being charged a fee for each transaction on the cards. We are preparing and processing tax returns. If you go to a tax preparer to get your federal prepared, you have the option to come to us to prepare your State return for Free. The tax preparers charge to prepare your State in addition to the amount charged to prepare your federal return. All we ask, is that you bring a copy of your prepared federal return with you when you come to the office.

Also, we have received a limited number of both Federal and State Tax forms here in the office if you want to prepare your return yourself. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:30-5:00, except for holidays and will be able to help you during this time period. We do not close for lunches.


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Office Hours: 8:30 AM TO 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, Except Holidays.




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